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“One. That’s the number of new drilling permits under the Obama administration”

Michele and numbers just don’t work together.  Did she actually do any work at the IRS?  Circa March 2011, that number was actually around 217 with approvals increasing in speed.

Maybe she was thinking in 1961 numbers again. Michele – pining away for 1961 has gotten you all confused!  These are permits, not dollars.

Let Marcus help you.  He’s great at getting government money I hear!

Obama has “released all of the oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve”

Holy crap, now THATS some kind of bad ass.  Oh wait, not true…well just a little true.. 4% true to be exact: it was 30 Million barrels (4%).

Phew, I can get back down off the ceiling.

Dumb idea yes, but it sounds way cooler to say the President is draining our emergency gooey black stuff.

$2 gas under President Gilly!

My hero, the Bachmannator tells me over the inter webs that should we get rid of evil, nasty ObamaLamez she’s totally going to get gas down to $2 a gallon — and thats a promise we can bank our hummers on!

Oh Gilly, we know you’re thinking 1961 dollars.  Still heart you.


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